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Bud And Luda's Poms
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Pomeranians are the best dog!

Our old house
Photo Album

Hi, welcome to my site.

We want to share our Pomeranians with you. But only as a loan. We will also share a little about ourselves.

We live in a large 105yr. old home that we refurbished ourselves, well had help from my dad, luckily. If you have a old house you know it is never done.

I have a lovely Russian Wife, who has been here for eleven years,two teenagers, her parents, and sometimes her Nephew, all from Russia living with us! I am the only one who does not speak Russian.

We are happy to say that we have three Poms. One had pups that we just gave to my Sisters and Dad. I say give, but I sold cheap. Somehow we had one parti pom, although none is known in the bloodlines.

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Yana, Perdunia, Snoofy

Any questions, comments, offers on our home etc.?

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If you want to risk it, have fun and good luck!

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